About Providence

Providence is a small warm-hearted congregation of various spiritual backgrounds or none at all. We have just celebrated 20 years of worship and ministry. Our beginnings came “through the imagination of the Holy Spirit.” We are looking to God to inspire us anew to make waves of welcome and wonder for the people of Hendersonville, North Carolina. Along the way, we will sing for joy and live with hope, centered in Jesus Christ, the Risen Lord.

Imagination Station was a regular gathering of people of Providence congregation during the summer and fall of 2021 to assess our situation, reflect upon our past, and imagine our future. The Station (as we call it) was led by Dr. Dwight A. Moody who is now our pastor.

The Station conversation led to our current congregational theme, SING FOR JOY, LIVE WITH HOPE. Inspired by this, we have begun using the organ again and launched a Facebook LIVE broadcast.  Also, we moved our Sunday Worship Meal (for food insecure people in the community) back into the Providence House. We have just approved purchase and installation of real, state-of-the-art video equipment so as to enhance our Sunday broadcast.

We also adopted Imagination’22 as a title to our efforts to renew our congregation following some stressful times (including the COVID). This will continue into 2023. We adopted a new, comprehensive policy of inclusion, hosted a concert of the Mountain Folk Harpers (which includes our own Annette Hudson), and are planning for our Palm Sunday Neighborhood Procession. 

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