Branding Survey for Providence Baptist Church Providence is seeking a fresh, attractive slogan to use in promotional literature, what is often called a brand. The slogan needs to be truthful insofar as it describes our church; and the slogan also needs to be appealing to those not affiliated with our church, or any church.  The slogan needs to be brief, interesting, and if possible, compelling. The church hopes to settle on a branding slogan soon, produce digital and printed materials using the slogan, and engage in a concerted effort to connect with people through a media campaign. All before Christmas! This survey offers you the opportunity to give your response to ten possible branding slogans. You can like them all–or like none of them!! Perhaps none of these proposed branding slogans will appeal to you or to many in the church. If that happens, we will continue our search for just the right way to describe who we are and why others will find here a place to worship and serve.  You can use the website response form at the bottom of the page to suggest a branding phrase. We invite all Providence members and attenders (active and inactive) and friends (near and far) to help us with this

Here is the survey link. 

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