The DEEPER PROGRAM Wednesdays 7:30 All are welcome   Call to Community (led by the designated Host: Glenda Tapper, for the month of October) Lighting the candles in all places where we are scattered. Invocation: In the name of the God our Creator who said, “Let there be light,” Jesus our Savior who said, “I am the light of the world,” and the Spirit of Holiness who empowers us to live as children of the Light. Reading of scripture (selected from the Lectionary by the Host) Prayer: prepared and led by the host: a short prayer! Community in Conversation (led by the preacher, Dwight A. Moody, for the fall of 2021) Questions, comments, commendations, and counterpoints arising from the reading of Scripture and the preaching of the Gospel on the preceding Sunday. To better prepare for this Conversation, the scripture and sermon will be posted in print form on the church website each Monday; the video of the Sunday sermon will be live streamed on the church website (and archived there for future reference)—the latter coming soon!! Concerns of the Community (led by a designated Leader: Gail Coulter, for the month of October ) This will consist of a testimony from a person selected by the designated leader or a report from a person, committee, or organization of the church, followed by dialogue. The Leader will then solicit requests for prayer or reports of prayer, followed by a season of prayer. Commission of the Community (led by the designated Host) Reading of Scripture: (selected from the Lectionary by the Host) The Commission: You are the light of the world. Do not hide your gospel light under a bushel. Hold it high to radiate faith, hope, and love to all around you. Let your light so shine that people might see the goodness and grace that fills the universe and give glory to the One who created, sustains, and redeems all things. The Benediction: as prepared and prayed by the Host. Extinguishing the candles in all places where we are scattered.

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