Providence Sanctuary Task Team

  In response to the Hendersonville Orthodox Christian church to purchase our sanctuary building and following congregational discussion at the 2023 Joyful assembly, the  Coordinating Council of Providence Baptist Church empowers this task team for a period of three months to: ascertain the seriousness of the current offer to buy our sanctuary building; assess the suitability of the sanctuary building for supporting the current and future life and ministry of the church; and survey available space in Hendersonville where we might relocate in pursuit of our mission. The pastor will serve as staff liaison. This action will be reported to the Church, and a report will be made by the Task Team to the Church at least by September. This commission can be extended by the Council longer than three months if needed.   Adopted by the Council in regular session June 6, 2023. Selected to serve on this Task Team were Joshua Bledsoe, Gail Coulter, Hunter Hale, and Suzanne Matthew.   A message from Pastor Dwight A. Moody: via video https: