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Dwight A. Moody

What Really Matters

January 16, 2022
These are bad days for the faith and practice of Christianity in the United States. There has been a precipitous decline in church membership, allegiance, and attendance. Half of the…

The Hour I Last Believed

January 9, 2022
Some years ago, I led a revival series that featured testimonies by church members. We used as our theme, The Hour I First Believed. This is a line from the…

For Us and For Them

December 19, 2021
Last week, I began by quoting John Prine; and today I turn to another song, this one by Mary, the mother of Jesus. We call it The Magnificat because that…

What to Say to an Angel

December 5, 2021
A two-character drama sits at the center of this Advent narrative. The Angel Gabriel appears to Mary, commends her life and frightens her all at the same time. Do not…

Looking for Jesus

November 21, 2021
I had the wonderful delight this week to read the memoir of Robert Dale Hudson, singing tenor in our gospel quartet this morning, as he does every week. It is…

Find the Joy

November 14, 2021
The funeral service for General Colin Powell was just over one week ago. It was an inspirational service, conducted according to the Book of Common Prayer of The Episcopal Church.…

Blessing Our Children

November 7, 2021
This week a mother, for the first time, watched a video of her son’s death. She was sitting in a courtroom within sight of the three men charged with his…

Salvation Show

October 31, 2021
Hot August night And the leaves hanging down And the grass on the ground smellin' sweet Move up the road to the outside of town And the sound of that…

Reversal of Fortunes

October 24, 2021
I take my title from a novel by Patrick O’Brian but my text from Psalm 126. I use both to address real-life situations in our country, our church, and in…

Smoky Mountain Psalm

October 17, 2021
This week Captain Kirk flew into space.  Finally. At age 90! For years, he only pretended to do so, on the starship Enterprise in the old Star Trek series. His…
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