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Dwight A. Moody

Working for Peace

December 4, 2022
A few years ago, I attended Maranatha Baptist Church of Plains, Georgia. The pastor was Jeremy Shoulta, a former student of mine and a member of the Academy of Preachers.…

Living with Hope

November 27, 2022
Living with Hope has been our theme all year. We are hopeful about our church, about our friendships and families, even about our country. More than that, we do what…

One Booming Life

November 13, 2022
What is better than the surprise of an unexpected patch of wildflowers? In North Carolina that would include Cornflower, Poppy, Black Eyed Susan, Larkspur, and Sunflower. They are beautiful. They…

Revive Us Again

October 23, 2022
The funeral of Queen Elizabeth demonstrates how tightly bound are the church and state in England. That is a Christian example. In the modern state of Israel, we see a…

The Gospel of Justice

October 15, 2022
An advertising company in Dallas and a Christian foundation in Kansas have teamed up on a nation-wide project. It is an public relations campaign called, “He Gets Us.” They are…

What Does God Know?

October 9, 2022
In his wonderful song, “You Got Gold,” John Prine writes, “It gives me an ocean of mixed-up emotion. I’ll have to work it out in a song.” The ancient psalmist…

My Cry For Help

September 25, 2022
A longtime friend said to me this week, “I now understand how people can give up and don’t want to live anymore.” He might find his feelings expressed well in…

The City of God

September 18, 2022
Note: This is the second of two sermons posted for September 17, 2022. The other, "Person. Place. Thing" was written first and announced in the newsletter and order of worship.…
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