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Worship and Preaching

Worship with Providence Sunday morning at 10:30 

In the sanctuary on Oakland Street in Hendersonville


On line at YouTube.com/hendersonvillecongregation

Following Worship, the Congregation circles up
for what we call Going Deeper
(30 minutes of conversation about the worship)

There’s Room for You!

Recent Sermons

Praying With Jesus

September 19, 2021
On the afternoon of September 7, 2019, the Golden Ray docked at the Brunswick port on the coast of Georgia and unloaded 280 compact cars. The Brunswick port is the…

Joy to the World

September 12, 2021
Louis Armstrong was born into the segregated city of New Orleans in 1901. August 4, 1901, to be exact. He grew up in poverty, without parents, and with a short…

Leaning into Grace

August 29, 2021
Sometimes it is hard to know what to do; and other times it is hard to do what we know to do. Surely President Biden must be caught in the…

Sanctuary, City, Savior

August 22, 2021
Providence is the name of our congregation, but it also describes how God impacts our lives. Providence means, in theology, God sees ahead; but in popular conversation, Providence means, God…
These are confusing and difficult times: war in Afghanistan, fires out west, an earthquake in Haiti, and a resurgent virus all over. You may be struggling with personal, even private…

The Providence We Need

August 1, 2021
During these first twenty years, Providence Baptist Church found its calling as a people’s church taking a strong stand for the gospel of Jesus Christ and for the love of…

The Algebra of God

July 18, 2021
There are 118,000 people living in Henderson County. One hundred years ago, in this same county, there were 18,000 people. In a century, the population has increased 100,000. If we postulate…

What Did You Expect?

June 20, 2021
They planned a homecoming, the four boys and their sisters. Their brother had made good. He was the talk of the town, of the region, of the entire country. In…

Harvest Time Has Come

June 13, 2021
Farmers in the American West say it is the worst they have ever seen. No water. Plenty of sunshine. Plenty of Seeds. Plenty of work. But not enough rain. They…

Jesus and the Spirit

June 6, 2021
We spend too much time focused on church and Christians; and these things can discourage us.

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